Thursday, April 15, 2010

for you

I do not have a lot of followers but i hope that when u all see this new blog you will read and comment.

I was inspired to write this mainly by one woman her name is Heather Spohr and i have been reading her blog for quite sometime now and i honestly am not sure how she keeps on going but its that kind of strength that inspires me to keep going everyday with the little meaningless things i do.

Heather and her husband Mike as well as their entire family lost their dearest little Madeline last year,she was only 17 months old. Though like many others i did not know this beautiful little girl i just heard about her through a friend of mine and i immediately started reading her mommy's blog and became entangled in her musings of their lives, I know from reading about her that Madeline was a fighter and a star in the making and she found a friend in everyone.

I was thinking today as i read Heather's blog and could see as well as feel the love pouring from each word that even though this was a terrible tragedy and injustice on this world that I've learned a lesson and i hope many others have as well this little angel was born prematurely and had to fight to live when she was first born and then again before sadly she passed away and here we are with our little annoyances or whatever so called drama complaining making it seem like our lives are just over because something didnt go just right for us and yeah i know that life is hard sometimes but its not that hard. take a step back and think of all the things you have to be thankful for each individual little thing that you may take for granted like children you just assume that they are always going to be there because no one likes to think that something could happen to them so we just live in our idealistic little world but we shouldnt we should cherish every moment we have with them or whoever and always make sure they know you love them dont ever make someone feel worthless even if you do it and then write it off as oh they knew i was in a bad mood it'll be okay tomorrow, but what if there is no tomorrow's for them? that is a regret you will have to live with for the rest of your lives, also stop complaining about these little things that are really nothing because in the greater scheme of things you know they arent, anyways i may not have used the right words or well it may not sound so but i have learned a great lesson and i will watch my actions and words more carefully from now on.

Dearest Heather,
If by chance you should ever read this know that i am terribly sorry for your loss and even sorrier that i havent told you this before, I wish you nothing but the best in life even though i know a part of your life will always be incomplete, Annie is gorgeous and I am so glad that you were given this precious little gift. also your letter to Maddie was most beautiful and as i see it though i do not know you, you always will be the best mommy to both of your beautiful girls.


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