Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ah its Tuesday and I am all alone in this house and it's so quiet,Okay its not that quiet because i am blasting music more specifically Stupify by Disturbed i enjoy that. Okay I will be moving soon thank goodness but then again it kinda sucks cause i dont enjoy packing and lifting things where are all the hot guys who like to help girls move when they need one? So in a previous post i had talked about Robert Pattinson's new movie called Remember me and the other day i finally got to watch it and i am just going to say i loved it, the ending was like so unexpected for me but i wont say anymore because i dont want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it but plan on it!

I really want to go away somewhere soon but i don't know if i will be able which totally sucks..why cant you ever just get away when you want to? So I got a new dog her name is Annie and I dont know why I chose that name it just seemed to fit, she is a Boston Terrier and soo cute also she likes going around in circles which makes me sick yes i tried it the other day..

Has anyone else ever wanted to just scream in someones face because they were so aggravated with them? I have wanted to do that a lot lately. I just dont understand why certain people just cant like do what they are suppose to do instead of going and doing things that they really shouldnt! Ugh ppl make me sick.

It's no damn wonder i tend to be so mad all the time and hate ppl in general!

Oh well done with this for now..

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