Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ah its Tuesday and I am all alone in this house and it's so quiet,Okay its not that quiet because i am blasting music more specifically Stupify by Disturbed i enjoy that. Okay I will be moving soon thank goodness but then again it kinda sucks cause i dont enjoy packing and lifting things where are all the hot guys who like to help girls move when they need one? So in a previous post i had talked about Robert Pattinson's new movie called Remember me and the other day i finally got to watch it and i am just going to say i loved it, the ending was like so unexpected for me but i wont say anymore because i dont want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it but plan on it!

I really want to go away somewhere soon but i don't know if i will be able which totally sucks..why cant you ever just get away when you want to? So I got a new dog her name is Annie and I dont know why I chose that name it just seemed to fit, she is a Boston Terrier and soo cute also she likes going around in circles which makes me sick yes i tried it the other day..

Has anyone else ever wanted to just scream in someones face because they were so aggravated with them? I have wanted to do that a lot lately. I just dont understand why certain people just cant like do what they are suppose to do instead of going and doing things that they really shouldnt! Ugh ppl make me sick.

It's no damn wonder i tend to be so mad all the time and hate ppl in general!

Oh well done with this for now..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

No catchy title here folks...

ok today I have decided that any of you lovely six followers of mine, i didn't include the 7th one because its me and well i think maybe that would be a bit much if i did it to, can ask me anything you want to know and i will answer it as best as i can.

Now that, that is over with i began wondering earlier if like rain deters Zombies..because it started raining earlier and i heard those weird noises again outside which is what i imagine zombies would sound like and yes i am still stuck on zombies-dont judge me- you would be too if your house was surrounded by them.i guess your just not cool enough to attract zombies to your house, tho i am thinking about asking for a detailed map to each of your houses so that i can come there and hangout for awhile-just long enough to lure them to your house so they'll eat you and not me--i mean so we can share zombies and all cause I'm nice like that, anyways back to my point i think that they would like the rain because if they can think intelligently which i assume they can then they would realize that dark rainy nights are the best nights to go on the hunt so to speak because no one would be out with oozies and snipers trying to kill them..or whatever it is that people are trying to do when shooting them..which is really kinda stupid because dude they are already dead so how can you kill them again?? i would suggest luring them to an area with some unlucky bastard that you hate and then blow the place up that solves two of your problems zombies are blown to bits and you get rid of that annoying bastard you hate so much, you're welcome btw.

also i think if i were to become a zombie i would be like the damn zombie queen, just saying.

Now onto other thoughts you see earlier Emily and I were looking at strange things online and she found a bathing suit with a vibrator attached to it..its a new take on enjoying swimming. also it reminded me of that movie with Catherine Heigle and Gerrard Butler that i cant remember then name of right now..anyone know what i am talking about? yeah but anyways that was a hilarious movie whatever the hell its called.

Oh and also we were looking at these clothes on this website and i really hope i can find it again so that i can find this picture so that i can put it on here so you can see what i am going to be talking about alright so there was this outfit and it made me rename the sight whores are us, anyways i know that's a strange thing but oh well..

I have a question. what is your favorite scent? Wanna know mine? it's that smell guys have when their cologne mixes with sweat and just plain sexiness..lmao yeah absolutely fave smell ever..especially if the cologne happens to be axe yum yumma yummmm!

btw did u notice that i asked like 3 questions there? you just looked didn't you? HA!

OMG! I just remembered something from when i was a kid that terrified me. There was this barbie doll that was pregnant and the big round belly part opened up and there was a tiny little baby in there..ugh and also that big round belly part came off and there was this little like button thing on her back that you pushed and this piece came down in front so she would have a regular belly again once she had the baby, so i suppose because you took the baby out that was some kind of new c-section technique.. i loved barbies when i was younger but that damn thing terrified me! i wish i could find a picture of one so all of you could see what i was talking about in case you never saw it.

I don't drink anymore because i tend to always get sick but right now i want to drink and just get completely wasted. anyone else feel that way? I think if i did decide to drink someone should record me because i say some of the damnedest things..is that even a word? or did i just make it up? oh well i love it and I am going to use it more often now. maybe they should record me on video because i bet that would be a hilarious sight. and btw no it wouldn't embarrass me i would laugh at myself regardless of whatever i did.

who has used the word yeehaw? ME! yep just did and i use it all the time because i find it funny and i always put on like this thicker country accent even though i already have one cause I'm from the damn south that's why! okay now that was just crazy! i really don't know what's wrong with me..unless its that brain tumor i was talking about the other day pressing against my brain and making me say or well type crazy things...or maybe i am just insane. could be..dunno for sure..maybe i should go see a psychiatrist and see if he would declare me certifiably insane..nahhhhhh then they would put that straight jacket on me again..i mean for the first time ever..and lock me in that padded cell..don't wanna do that again..i mean ever as in never as in first time ever..i swear!

Okay time for a change of subject lets see what can i think of now to talk about that wont make me look completely insane? hmm...DAMMIT! i cant do it no matter what i think about and then think maybe i should write or type this it still makes me look crazy...um is that a bad sign?

Has anyone ever heard of the potty dance? it's a song on nickelodeon for little kids who are trying to be potty trained..but every time i hear that song i sing along to it..it makes me laugh and it has a catchy beat..STOP IT..I KNOW YOU ARE JUDGING ME! okay maybe it's just the voices in my head that are judging me and I am confused and thinking its actual people...OMG I AM INSANE!! Someone please help me..i think i shouldn't be allowed to be on here and have actual people read what i am thinking..but then again maybe i should..also this may just be my opinion but i think i am going to make an awesome mom one day..my kids wont know what to think of me..but i bet i can always make them laugh..and i will guarantee this there will never be a mother quite like me..i wont be one to hide things from kids like facts of life and shit nope..i am just going to tell them..and i will also tell them secrets lol and it will be like were best friends..well i hope..i know everyone out there is thinking you cant do that because it will cause problems..that's okay really..cause see there is always a solution to a problem even if it is a randomly odd but hilarious conversation or the old technique of doing something fun and ignoring it..Really it works you should try it sometime..

does anyone out there love Dane Cook as much as me? probably not..but he is fantastically hilarious and Hot! yummy..delicious..oh sorry my mind started wandering in a different direction..

Oh my my has anyone ever read growing up Cullen? Ha greatness! yes it does make fun of Edward from Twilight but it's still great and don't criticize me for this because I am Team Edward all the way but still it's great and if you haven't read it then Google it and read it dammit or i may end up taking a temper tantrum! yes i really am 2 and the smartest, bestest two year old you will ever know! so nana nana boo!

Okay this Two year old going on Twenty five is quitting for now because it's wayy past her nap time and i am getting grumpy, so until next time..


Ps: Oh and the name of that movie was called The Ugly Truth, I remembered it! Yay me!!! Oh and btw if you cant find Growing Up Cullen when you search for it but you want to read it just let me know and I will post the whole thing on here... Oh and btw I forgot how to post a picture on here so I cant add the picture which inspired me to rename that site whores are us..and that just makes me sad because now none of you will get to see what i mean... :(

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dearest Emily..

Dearest Emily,
I think maybe we might have been wrong about this blogging idea, I have like seven followers and I'm not sure how many you have but I do know you are never on here updating..hmm busy much?

Dearest Emily,
Maybe we should have done random video blogs or letters or whatever you would call them maybe some of us screaming at each other..maybe some talking about things no one but us would understand though they would still find them funny..

Dearest Emily,
Like that time we stayed up all night jacked up on sugar and caffeine and threw candy at each other and we were giggling..remember that? you member that!

Dearest Emily,
Or that time we rode that surf board thing down the stairs at your house..and that same night we made the alarm go off and it was so loud..hehe..oh and the time we jumped on the trampoline trying to see over the fence to see the hot firefighters..Oh lol you remember the girl who through the rocks over the fence and almost hit Karley and I went off on her and then she started riding her lawn mower everywhere and we made fun of her..were mean arent we? lmao too bad for those people and anyone else who cause us to make fun of them..

Dearest Emily,
Or maybe the time we were once again jacked up on sugar..well ice cream cake and we stayed up until like six am laughing and we laughed at the same time and then bumped our heads on the wall at the same time..and then slept until like five that evening..

Dearest Emily,
And you member that time we were walking through Norma's old neighborhood and that boy was on his skateboard and you yelled out fall and he did and we couldn't stop laughing..and he totally followed us for like ever..

Dearest Emily,
And then there was that other time we were walking through that same neighborhood and that one girl was yelling something out her window and so we started yelling back at her and she came outside and we screamed and told her to go back inside and take off that Halloween mask but it was really just her face..

Dearest Emily,
How about the time we started dancing together in that thrift store and your mom thought we were nuts and that cashier guy was hot and he was staring at us..

Dearest Emily,
What ever happened to that picture of your homemade applesauce? you member that? when you went and sat out in the driveway while on the phone with me and cut up an apple and started mushing it together to make applesauce and then you took a picture of it and put it on myspace for me?

Dearest Emily,
You remember when we went bowling that time? and I sucked at bowling so i made up the la la loser song? we could do that on video and just start naming off our ex's and ppl we hate that the song could be for..

Dearest Emily,
I think maybe I need sleep..or maybe there is just something wrong with me..

Dearest Emily,
I wonder if you will ever read this? probably after I send you a message telling you to get on here and read it..

Dearest Emily,
OH! OH! I just thought about that time we went through wal-mart doing stupid stuff and taking pictures..like holding that gigantic sausage up to our lady parts..and you put on that one jacket..then posed with a spider man pinata and then i put on those glasses..oh and we put on those purple high heels and we took pictures of our feet..

Dearest Emily,
I don't like talking about this but it's funny too cause I got drunk and sick all because that fairy guy friend of your mom's breathed in my direction and his breath smelled like taco's and it made me sick..then i was hugging the toilet and your mom recorded me..we deleted that right?

Dearest Emily,
Member the clown guy in the cage thing at raytown days making fun of Justin? haha

Dearest Emily,
Oh and there's always the time we made Terry cry on the phone and we were laughing so hard he thought we were crying and we had to put the phone in the closet so he wouldn't know we were laughing..

Dearest Emily,
I wonder why I am doing this..do you have any ideas?

Dearest Emily,
And I couldn't leave out the whole conversation/argument over which mythological creature sex would be better..Werewolves or Vampires, I still think Vampires would be better but then again now I really am interested in that whole experiment thing..
I really wish there was a way to know..hmm dammit..and I do totally see your point about the werewolves thing..hot,tan,yummy,warm, growling..lol but then there is that whole pale,sparkly, rich, loves to bite, immortal thing..that i find appealing..and of course with me being the whole freaky lil daredevil i wonder which one could keep up with me better? wow am I really this insane? Nah I just think I think outside the box..

Dearest Emily,
Do you think an advice column would have worked better? member when you said i should have done that.

Dearest Emily,
What do you think of this? laying in the hot sun, not a worry in the world, a long way from Ms/Mo, someone pouring us a drink, roll a big fat one, and just dance around with hot island guys? LMFAO that sounds great to me.

Dearest Emily,
I think we could scare many people around here if they saw us together what do you think?

Dearest Emily,
What if we did go where we want to this summer and found some hot guys right? could we take them with us when we left? keep them in a cage? j/k lol not really..
but do you think they would be opposed to leashes? hmm..

Dearest Emily,
Our family really could make a great sitcom.

Dearest Emily,
Should I really tell people that our family was nicknamed the redneck mafia?

Dearest Emily,
Why aren't we famous? we totally should be! What a cruel injustice this world has made! If you were famous who would be the first guy you would go after? Taylor Lautner right? Hmm I wonder who I would go after? Benji Madden? or maybe Kellan Lutz, or what about the guy who plays Paul..Yummy Yummy RAWRRRR!! lmao

Dearest Emily,
I started to scare myself because I have a headache and i was secretly wondering if maybe i had some kind of brain tumor that was pressing against my brain and trying to push it out through my eye socket and if that happened would the tumor remain attached to my brain or would it somehow like fall off and then down onto my spine when my brain fell out of my eye socket? And also I'm terrified of Zombies attacking now because there was this noise outside my window and it totally sounded like what i imagine a zombie who was looking for brains to eat would sound like..and now that made me wonder is that all zombies eat are brains? or do they just try to bite/eat you because they want to turn you into a zombie as well so they wont be so alone? which is kind of nice i mean if you think about it they just want someone else like them who can roam around the world eating brains and other body parts with them! Also if i do have that brain tumor i don't think they would try to eat me because i would be diseased like that and i think they would know and that would be totally unfair and just plain rude! but then they would bite/eat my cat and he would be a zombie cat and i wonder if he would try to eat me? OMFG he is a zombie cat already! Now I'm freaking out! he already tries to attack me and bite me...oh lord..okay well now I am going to go hide from the zombies and my maybe zombie cat...i think...

Dearest Emily,
I have to go now because I am worried that if I continue somehow they are going to have me committed..Okay so this is the last Dearest Emily..

Love Always,
Your maybe kinda insane Aunt Missy..

PS: Dearest Emily,
Dammit i did it again but there is this song on right now and some of the words go " go on and pick your kitten purr baby purr" and that totally made me think bad thoughts about that guy who plays Paul and I need serious help..where are you?? Ahhh..okay I quit..for now...I think..byess

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well lets see I haven't really been posting anything because well honestly I have been in a funk and when i say funk i don't mean one of those things where I am having a bad day or a bad week and it will pass..no I have been down right depressed and I don't know what to do to get over it, there has been a lot of things to cause me to be sad but not like this..and honestly I am not really sure what is causing it or if its just an accumulation of all the things that have been happening but I mean I recognize that it is a problem and I have tried to make an effort to be happier or bring myself out of the depression and it's just not working, so I guess I am wondering if anyone who happens to read my blog has any advice? I am not really wanting to go to the doctor who will more than likely prescribe me some kind of pills and I don't want those..I just want some kind of way to try to lift my mood and see if I cant bring myself out of this.

Other than that I have been reading a lot and one of the things i read was about Robert Pattinson whom you all know as Edward from Twilight and New Moon but he recently had a new movie out entitled Remember Me and though I have not yet seen this movie I think I will be seeing it soon, the previews looked really good but anyways it didn't bring in as much money as they thought it would on opening night and I think this is because everyone became a fan of his because he played Edward the vampire and he is with Bella and they do not want to see him with any other girl, but this is the thing i really think that if you like someone as an actor you would support their movies and try to make each one a hit so don't just be all judgey because she's not Bella and you don't want to see him with someone else if you are a real fan of his then be a real fan. Same thing with the upcoming movie The Runaways that stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning if you are a real fan of them then support them all the way and try to make all their movies as much of a hit as the Twilight Sagas have been.

Also I celebrated my nephews 7th birthday with my family which was fun, I know that's not exciting news for you to read but w/e and also I want to put it in here incase you don't already read them but you should really read www.thebloggess.com and www.thespohrsaremultiplying.com wow that really is long lol they are awesome women, Heather from the second url has been through so much and has somehow endured it shares her stories and her strength shines through she is an unbelievably amazing woman and I for one am truly inspired by her. Jenny, from thebloggess.com is so funny but she can also have a serious side she has her issues and she shows us that it is okay to be different and that we are all beautiful in our own ways even if it is in a strange hilarious way, if you don't already read their blogs you definitely should.

well that's about all and please feel free to leave me comments.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Dearest Whomever,

Dearest Kate Gosselin,
Please stop! I know you have been through a lot but seriously you are not twenty anymore and you have eight kids! really dancing with the stars? oh come on what wont you do to get attention? and the new hair is just not working. Go home and be with your kids!
Sincerely, Missy

Dearest Paparazzi,
Do us all a favor and leave Britney Spears alone! Don't give us close up pictures of her stretch marks no one wants to see that and not even just that but how low can you stoop? she had kids ninety nine percent of women who have kids have these battle wounds in fact most people have stretch marks though you may not be able to see them! And the most horrible thing is that you continue even though her precious little boys asked you to stop with the pictures.Learn when to back off.
Sincerely, Missy

Dearest Lindsey Lohan,
Just stop!
Sincerely, Missy

Dearest Nicole Richie,
You have grown up so much and I just have to say that I for one am proud of you, Congrats on getting engaged! and you have beautiful kids.
Sincerely, Missy

Dearest Kristen Stewart,
I love you! and not just because you were an awesome character in all these Twilight movies but because you are an AWESOME person all around i mean you don't care what other people think about you and you are always in the spotlight i mean you wore a skirt made out of bullets..doesn't get much more awesome than that and the fact that you cuss all the time..love it.
Keep up with the good work.
Love always, Missy

Dearest whomever else,
I know that you may think this was a senseless post and maybe that its stupid but i don't care and i felt like posting it, that's why this is my blog not yours! so whatever i know those people i mentioned will more than likely never see this no matter how many times its on the google search engines..and i know most people dont care but screw it i felt like it.

Yours Truly, Missy.