Sunday, February 28, 2010

it's time to talk about ex's

Yeah i know none of us really want to talk about our ex's but i think maybe we should change that cause sometimes if you think about it, you will i am right now.
See the thing that is making me laugh is the fact that we spent so many days and nights wasted bawling our eyes out wanting to be back with that person or maybe like in my situation wondering if i was doing the right thing breaking up with him and worrying about hurting him, but now its like why? and i don't i am laughing at my ex with his new wife..well if that's what you can call her..i mean first off she looks like a guy, i really want to ask him or her if she really is..would make sense i mean he was always kinda funny now that i think about it..and he did do time in jail and he wasn't the type to stand up for himself..his mother usually did that lol so yeah makes sense that he would be gay..but i cant understand why she would pretend to be a girl..dammit i am going to have to ask them somehow.

Now onto my ex before see i honestly thought i was going to marry him and everything but he was always so indecisive..i guess u could call it and also he just couldnt keep his male organ out of other females organs lol so it ended and yes i was devastated then he started dating this girl i called a horse because she looks like one..again not my fault for being so judge mental of my ex's girlfriends but they did make it impossible not to be..but anyways apparently even tho he loved her he had the same problem with her that he had with me..well see by accident and causing me to feel sorry for her i kinda helped in splitting those two up..oops lol.

And this post would not be complete if i didnt mention my beautiful niece's stupid ex. why? well because she is an absolute winner all around and the boy was stupid enough to let her go. this boy i cant call him a man..theres just no way..he cheated on her after he told her he was going to move to where she was and be with her and he wanted to marry her and all this stuff..then after they broke up he ends up with this thing..who is like 34 i think and he is 18 she has two kids who are probably closer in age to him and then what happened he married her..yes yes he did and lol i must mention the fact that he is just a plain fucking moron..wanna hear some stupidity at its finest? actual quote from his myspace status:"i love my wife and ur kids.." yeah..oh and some of the best stuff ever was when he of all people called my niece white trash i believe..and yet..he is like the fucking king of white trash..and his wife would be the queen..

So anyways my point is girls i know that maybe he was the someone special you always dreamed about and your heart is breaking with every second because he doesnt want you anymore but look at it this way Karma is going to screw him royally and your going to have the last laugh plus if he was stupid enough to walk away from you then be smart enough to let him go and DONT TAKE HIM BACK NO MATTER WHAT! also you will eventually meet the one who you are meant to be with and then you will see why it never worked out with anyone else.

Also this goes for guys too, i know there are plenty of good guys out there and there are plenty of moronic girls but just take this and apply it to your situation.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

near and dear to my heart

Okay so today i saw that Johnny Depp is speaking out for The West Memphis Three which i am totally stoked about! Now this i am going to ask you before hand if you read this i know that you may have heard things about them and the case and what they were convicted for but unless you have seen everything like documentaries and all on them and read everything in the files which you can if you just look it up do not judge them or me. I support them one hundred percent because i have seen it all and i have read it all and there is absolutely no way they did this and i know that in my heart i have been following this story since i was probably ten it happened when i was seven but when i was ten and my sister was 12 she heard about it and we watched everything on it through the years they have gained a lot of supporters including several celebrities trying to free them.

Having an A-list celebrity like Johnny Depp is fantastic because of the obvious attention he can generate from this i am hoping beyond hope that they get a fair trial and are freed!

Shortly after three eight-year-old boys were found mutilated and murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas, local newspapers stated the killers had been caught. The police assured the public that the three teenagers in custody were definitely responsible for these horrible crimes. Evidence?

The same police officers coerced an error-filled "confession" from Jessie Misskelley Jr., who is mentally handicapped. They subjected him to hours of questioning without counsel or parental consent, audio-taping only two fragments totaling 46 minutes. Jessie recanted it that evening, but it was too late— Misskelley, Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols were all arrested on June 3, 1993, and convicted of murder in early 1994.

Although there was no physical evidence, murder weapon, motive, or connection to the victims, the prosecution pathetically resorted to presenting black hair and clothing, heavy metal t-shirts, and Stephen King novels as proof that the boys were sacrificed in a satanic cult ritual. Unfathomably, Echols was sentenced to death, Baldwin received life without parole, and Misskelley got life plus 40.

In the years since the convictions of Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley for a crime they did not commit, their cause has gained support from all over the world, and these men have become known as the West Memphis Three. The story of the injustice they have endured at the hands of the state of Arkansas has never lost momentum, and in recent months, the evidence in their favor has grown to the point where it's nearly impossible to view this case as anything other than a miscarriage of justice.

Teenagers at the time of their arrest in 1993, these young men were considered suspects in the gruesome triple child homicide and arrested without any evidence tying them to the crime. The police and the state managed to convince the media and the juries that "devil worshippers" were responsible, and that Damien, Jason and Jessie somehow fit that description. It was publicly stated by law enforcement officials and the media that the murders had been a part of a satanic ritual; a human sacrifice in the wooded areas of West Memphis, Arkansas. It seems unlikely that this would be accepted as motive by a contemporary jury, but once the police had a young, mentally challenged boy in their custody, they managed to coerce him into providing what was seen as a "confession" despite huge logic holes, discrepancies and the fact that he later recanted and refused to testify against the other two men.

Now, 15 years later, these men are still fighting for their freedom, but there are a few major differences now. The "satanic cult sacrifice" motive is now seen as an embarrassment that the police and prosecution no longer embrace, and much more importantly, DNA and other forensic technologies have progressed to the point where items that were previously inadequate for testing are now providing the positive proof that Damien, Jason and Jessie have been waiting over a decade for.

The results of recent DNA testing have revealed that these three men couldn't have been involved in the murders because not one cell of genetic material has been identified that matches them. The nature of this crime as put forth by the State of Arkansas makes it very unlikely that the perpetrator could have committed it without leaving even the smallest trace behind. DNA evidence was, however found that matches a pair of individuals who had been together on the day the children disappeared. One of these individuals is the stepfather of one of the victims.

In Fall of 2008, hearings took place in Jonesboro, Arkansas to show that Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley did not receive adequate legal counsel during their trials. After several years of similar proceedings, Damien Echols finally completed his ineffective counsel hearings in 2000. These hearings revealed new information not known at the time of the original trials, as well as information that was not known to their trial attorneys. At these 2008 hearings, specifics of the original homicide investigation were examined in detail, providing further proof of the multitude of failures and errors made by West Memphis Police and other investigators at the time. It has also been shown that Damien, Jason and Jessie did not receive adequate counsel due to jury tainting, inexperienced public defenders, serious under funding, lack of access to state crime labs and resources among many other things.

Forensic psychologist Dr. Timothy Derning testified at this hearing that Jessie Misskelley was not competent to stand trial, and that he wasn't questioned properly or legally by the police. His so-called confession contains many lapses in logic, discrepancies and outright fabrication, and yet it was used in truncated form as evidence, and resulted in the imprisonment of this man who should never have been questioned without a lawyer or parent present. In light of Dr. Dernings's testimony it's very clear that Jessie Misskelley was coerced into making his statements, and that the content of those statements is so disjointed and irrational, it should never have been considered valid.

Daniel Stidham, Jessie's trial attorney, also testified at these hearings. Stidham stated that he had been grossly under funded and unprepared to defend his client. He admitted that for much of the time he spend as Jessie's defense attorney he actually believed his client to be guilty due to the rumors and innuendo that was circulating at the time in conjunction with exaggerations and false information that had been released to the media. It wasn't until Stidham was able to examine the case more closely that he came to realize that his client was not only mentally handicapped, but that he had been subjected to an irresponsible and unconscionable interrogation process at the hands of the West Memphis Police Department. Stidham's budget was so prohibitively restricted that he was forced to use money from his own pocket to obtain expert witnesses, and his access to the state crime lab was almost non-existent.

Dr. Werner Spitz, perhaps the most well-known forensic pathologist and forensic scientist in the world, also provided illuminating testimony at this hearing. The pathologist who examined the victim's bodies back in 1993 was not Board Certified, and according to Dr. Spitz was incapable of seeing evidence that would have been instantly obvious to a more experienced medical examiner. Spitz noted injuries on the bodies that could only have been caused by animal predation. These wounds had been previously attributed to a stabbing weapon.

As each new fact emerges, we see more and more proof that Jessie's "confession" is nothing more than a case study in coercion and false confession. Experts on coercion and police procedure all agree that it simply isn't worth anything as evidence.

As evidence of the innocence of Damien, Jason and Jessie increases, the hearsay and speculation against them continue to dwindle to nothing. Support for these three men continues to grow as more and more people are made aware of their situation. As they exhaust their state appeals, all three of these men are optimistic and encouraged by the advances in their case. They await the federal circuit courts and the chance to finally have an unbiased light shining on the facts. Damien, Jason and Jessie and their many supporters know that they will soon be free men, but they all want to make sure that the world doesn't close its eyes and ears to this tragedy.

The current state of DNA technology in 2008 has improved greatly since the original investigations in 1993. Items that were previously considered untestable and insignificant at the time of their trials are now providing positive genetic matches.

• Recent DNA tests involving dozens of items related to the crime have failed to link any of the three defendants to the crime scene.

• A hair found at the site where the bodies were recovered has been shown to be a positive DNA match to another individual. The matching hair was found on a ligature used to bind one of the victims. This individual is the stepfather of one of the other victims.

• Another hair found at the site has been shown to be a positive DNA to a man who was with the stepfather on the day of the crimes.

• DNA recovered from the penis of one of the victims has been shown to NOT match Jessie Misskelley, Jason Baldwin or Damien Echols.

• Scientific analysis by some of nation’s leading forensics experts have shown that the original investigation was not conducted properly.

• Recent examinations have shown that wounds on the victims’ bodies were caused by animals at the crime scene after the victims were dead.

• These wounds were not caused by knives, as claimed by the prosecution, a claim that was a substantial factor in their case.

• In 1993, unqualified, untrained examiners that were not Board Certified reached erroneous conclusions based on misinformation.

• Witness testimony pertaining to knives and stabbing have been shown to be false.

• These new forensic findings undermine testimony by questionable "cult expert" Dale Griffis, who contended the murders had been a part of a satanic cult ritual human sacrifice. This absurd claim has again been proven false.

• The scientific evidence provided by qualified forensic experts has refuted everything used in court to convict these three innocent men.

For over 15 years, The West Memphis Three have been imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit. Echols waits in solitary confinement at a Supermax facility for the lethal injection our tax dollars will pay for. But all three were condemned by their poverty, incompetent defense, Satanic panic and a rush to judgment by the media.

But there’s still hope for them, and you can help.

you can find out more at

please do not post rude comments about this because i will not tolerate it!


p.s.: btw yes i know this states things about DNA in 2008 and that is because this information for you all to view came from the website and i suppose that is when it was written. it has now been 17 years for these three and i am praying that they are freed and i hope that you will keep an open mind about this and also pray as well.

Free The West Memphis Three

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am sick so there for i am moody, and when i say moody i don't mean like it switches from being happy to mad or anything no i am just in a bad mood and i think that i am entitled to be in this mood if i want. i have heard from several people today that just because i don't feel good doesn't mean i should be mean well dumb fuck you know i do not feel good and you also know that i am in a bad mood but yet you just decide to annoy the hell out of me with your idiocy anyway so you get what you get from me be that bitchiness or not and if you don't like it leave me alone until i am feeling better and just to clarify i am not always mean when i am sick its just certain people decide that its okay to annoy me even though they have been warned, in fact i believe that i am pretty much a nice person i just have a tendency to get a little bitchy especially considering since i am sick i want to sit in my bed and watch something on t.v. but can i? no! wanna know why because all i fucking hear about or see anymore is the damn Olympics and its not that i am against the Olympics or anything its just i am not that interested in it, i could care less really and yet i am bombarded by it not only on t.v. but online as well.
this is it for now because i have a headache and i cant i feel like screaming profanities over everything right now!


Friday, February 19, 2010

grab my button.



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here goes nothing.

I have heard recently that I should open myself up more on here..hmm what an interesting thought, I mean I only have like what 4 followers one of which is myself..that happened on accident but i decided to keep it because I thought I bet no one else is as weird as me and will follow themselves, so you see that makes me special and in all actuality i have no clue how to undo it not that i would anyways, but also this makes the other 3 that much more special because hey at least i know i have some ppl out there who are somewhat interested in what i have to say.
personally i don't usually like to open up my personal life so that others can read about it or whatever i am a person who keeps to themselves or only opens up to those that I know I can trust, its not like by posting more on myself that i will magically get more readers..well anyways like my title here goes i have said before my family is unique i seriously doubt there is another family out there quite like ours, half the time i don't understand us lol so i seriously doubt you might..I never really knew my dad's parents well my momaw died before i was born and my popaw died when i was like maybe a couple weeks old so i didn't have the chance to know them, i have only known my mother's parents whom i call nanny and grandpa i am very close to them, well more so my grandpa was a hard man to get to know and understand and i think fault lies on both of our parts that we never were really that close,when i was growing up and would go spend the summer there at their house grandpa had his own things to tend to and he was strict but it wasn't overly i knew he loved me but i also knew that it just wasn't something that was said, that's just the sad dose of truth, but also after a falling out of sorts one summer my mom wouldn't let us go back up there so after that we didn't get to see them again for awhile in fact i believe the next time was was after Hurricane Katrina when we were living in Missouri and we went for a visit I was 19 or 20 at the time and i hadn't seen them since i was 11 i think so it was a pretty long time i ended up staying there with them later on that year after my parents went back home so i think on some level i became closer to my grandpa not as close as i would have liked but i still felt like that child who was intimidated by him even though i knew more than likely only good would have come out of me trying more..i still wrote him a note before i left and told him how much i appreciated him and that i loved him i know he was happy about getting it and he told my mother to tell me thank you and that he loved me as well..he kept it hanging over this heart shaped decoration that hung on the wall next to his chair, this is not a happy ending blog..last year in i believe October he was diagnosed with lung cancer and it got worse faster than anyone thought it would in fact it spread to his liver and there was nothing the doctors could do for that, My mother and I went to visit in December since he was in failing health it was difficult to see him like that he was frail and slept all the time which is normal for cancer patients but it shocked me to see a man who i always viewed as so healthy and strong in this condition.( in fact all the people who found out about it later on said he was always the picture of health, you never would have thought it.) we had only been there a few days when he passed away on December the Eighth 2009 that was probably one of the hardest things to accept that he was gone because i had never imagined that i would see that know what it was like to walk through this house that held so many memories of him and he not be there it was eerie and very odd..over the next couple of days we planned the wake and funeral which btw i don't know how i got through going to the funeral home and walking down to the basement to look at caskets so his children and wife could pick out one..nothing has ever given me the heebie jeebies as bad as that, the night of the wake was something that i will never forget to see him lying in the casket up there was unbelievable it took me forever and the support of my younger cousins to walk up to the casket and view him closer..he looked peaceful. There were so many people that showed up, my grandpa had made an impact on several peoples lives, one of the weirdest and most unbelievable things that happened there was when a cousin ( i believe that's what she is to me) leaned against his casket and it wobbled all i can say is omg i almost passed out all i could see was it falling thank goodness it didn't but then after that she actually lifted the little curtain in the casket to see what kind of pants he was wearing..yeah..weirdness..the funeral went well it was sad and the tears finally began falling after this poem the minister read..i had cried before and was trying my best to stay strong for my cousins but after that i just couldn't help it, the burial was beautiful and peaceful it was literally on top of a mountain and they did a military funeral where they played what is called taps and that music played on top of a lonely mountainside cemetery was unlike anything else there is no words to describe the feeling, also one of the oddest things that happened after he died was i got this song stuck in my head called go high on that mountain by Vince Gill and this was before i knew where the cemetery was see i had never been up there before or even heard of where it was, my uncle Wayne is buried up there but unless by my mom and maybe my uncle Rodney he was hardly ever talked about, anyways i also had a dream about my grandpa the night after he passed away and it was like i was looking at him through a window and he looked exactly as i had always known him to look and he had this huge smile on his face he was also wearing this red and black flanneled jacket which he didn't own one apparently BUT the weird thing was one night before he passed away he asked someone for that jacket..spooky, but i remember waking up kinda freaked out after that dream and i told my mom about it and she said more than likely it was his way of saying goodbye and letting me know he was okay.
Death is one of the hardest things that you will ever have to go through and though i had been through it before it wasn't as hard as that and i believe that is because he was my grandpa and i had some regret of not getting to know him as well as i should have, i think that everyone out there should definitely tell the people that are in your lives how much you love them and try your hardest even if you feel like its impossible to get to know them better, don't live with regret. Be thankful that you had the time that you did with them and don't let the anger that you will feel after they have died eat at you they wouldn't want you to feel this way.

Don't take life for granted because one minute that person is here and the next they are gone, even you and as grim as that thought is its true, even if you don't always get along with certain family members make sure they know that you love wont always have the chance to tell them.

what a depressing post right..well i hope that anyone who reads this will take something from it, i know that through this unfortunate lesson i have learned a lot of things and i am thankful for all of the people i have in my life and i love every single one of them even if i don't always say it i hope they know it's true and i have also tried more to say it.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day!

I think this holiday is ridiculous and I cant stand the mushiness of it all..people parading around with their significant other with balloons and stupid roses acting like oh I have the love of my life nothing could ever go wrong look how special i am to him..yeah you are special but you shouldn't have to wait until one day in the year for him to make it known he should make it known all the time and not only that but typically guys only get girls these things because they are hoping to get lucky. seriously i don't mean to rain on your parade but its the truth cant handle it oh well..I don't feel this way because i am single and just felt like being mean no I would still feel this way even if i had someone because Valentine's day is just an overrated holiday, I think its moronic to believe in something like this because apparently some 5000 yr old fat baby shot you with an arrow..umm yeah ..oh btw thanks Emmie for the whole 5000 yr old fat baby but anyways love typically happens because two people have the same values, like the same things..etc etc and over time they fall in love, yes i do believe that there are times when you can just instantly fall in love with someone but i dont believe that to be true for everyone and typically it all ends because he cheated on you or you found someone else..i think its all really stupid.

I read your last post but it wouldnt let me comment on it, so i will just add this in as a comment for your last post, sounds like you had a blast tho it also sounds like you were completely jacked up on caffeine and i know what you are like when this happens so yeah i kinda feel sorry for those that were around you...okay not really lol its greatness when you are like that.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

awesomeness lol

a little off..

yeah so i got a little off point with this whole blog thing see i was suppose to be telling you about my never boring life as i call it and honestly my life rarely is ever boring and not because i have so much fun stuff going on that i just cant stop having fun no..its more because of my family and this little place i live in that i will call Drama-town seriously..the people here are really nice people but if they decide to turn on you, you have instantly become the p.o.i or person of interest, these people talk about you like they have known you their whole lives and like they secretly record your every movement..for instance i broke up with my fiancee a few months back and there are still rumors going around about why i did, no one knows the real reason except for me and a few of my closest peeps, recently i heard it was because i was " a whore who liked to break hearts." btw i found it really funny because the person who started this is in fact a whore like i have known several people this person has screwed now whether or not this person breaks hearts or not is up for debate, i don't honestly think its possible but i could be wrong..wait WHAT??? i am never wrong..sorry i don't know what came over me there, but anyways i am now moving on to some different topics like my family for instance see i know that there are a lot of you out there that claim i have the craziest/weirdest family of all but YOU DON'T KNOW MINE..has your family ever been nicknamed The Redneck Mafia? i doubt it, that nickname was given by my sister's ex boyfriend and more or less probably because of my dad, whom i love very much but don't quite understand half the time, he has made guys get down on their knees and sing to my sister and myself which when it happened to my sister i found it hilarious but when it was me..i wasn't amused. When my family gets together it becomes an interesting sight..people drink and get loud and sometimes we have to make beer runs to wal-mart @ 3 am in our pajamas.
My niece Emily and I are so much alike its scary and when were together we often look at each other and just laugh everyone else around thinks were high, we are very opinionated and we honestly don't give a damn what we say or if we hurt your feelings especially if you are a guy..we love to pick on guys. That is why we both decided to start a blog so we could share with the world what we think.
Oh here is a bit of randomness for you about a place i like to go to occasionally here in Drama-town, this place is a restaurant/bar and sometimes really strange things happen there like for instance once there was this guy who came in with his date one night and they sat at the bar she apparently had a prosthetic leg and he didn't know this until it fell off..AND SHE PUT IT ON THE BAR! yes she did and one of the bartenders got so tickled she didn't know what to do so in a fit of giggles she asked my mother ( yeah i go to the bar with my mom-don't judge its greatness) "how do you tell someone they need to remove their leg from the bar?" well that started a chain reaction of giggles which led to the joke of "and all the kings men and all the kings horses couldn't put humpty dumpty together again." yeah were horrible huh? nah it was greatness too bad you couldn't be there.

Oh and my question to anyone out there reading this even if you don't follow me and you should, have you ever read growing up Cullen? even if you hate twilight (which i don't see how you could.) you should still read this, it is one of the funniest things ever, its just too bad they didn't continue on with it.

Okay well that's enough of my ramblings.
p.p.s: yeah i know you will notice it soon enough but i wanted to point out the obvious yes i follow myself, why? because I'm awesome and i love me! you should take my advice and follow me too. :D
Byes- Missy

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


yeah so okay lets see where i want to life is filled with this mixture of messes i call it insanity at its finest but alas thats not where i was going with this, my thoughts today are on Megan Fox and her toe thumb, yeah have you seen it? Yuck! lol she may be really pretty but once you see the thumb its kinda like ewe never mind and i personally think that with all her money she would be seeing if there was a doctor somewhere that could fix this imperfection as people like to call it.I added this pic so you could see her posing and showing off her toe thumb..disturbing.


Dear Emily,

Welcome to my page! I cant wait to get this started because we are going to have a great time with our blogs, I plan on going kinda crazy with mine and of course you know me to always speak my mind about everything including things that others would be mad at me for but i dont care.
Also eventually i will be posting a video on here occasionally as part of a blog..but w.e. i will worry about that when it comes.

love ya, Missy