Thursday, February 11, 2010

a little off..

yeah so i got a little off point with this whole blog thing see i was suppose to be telling you about my never boring life as i call it and honestly my life rarely is ever boring and not because i have so much fun stuff going on that i just cant stop having fun no..its more because of my family and this little place i live in that i will call Drama-town seriously..the people here are really nice people but if they decide to turn on you, you have instantly become the p.o.i or person of interest, these people talk about you like they have known you their whole lives and like they secretly record your every movement..for instance i broke up with my fiancee a few months back and there are still rumors going around about why i did, no one knows the real reason except for me and a few of my closest peeps, recently i heard it was because i was " a whore who liked to break hearts." btw i found it really funny because the person who started this is in fact a whore like i have known several people this person has screwed now whether or not this person breaks hearts or not is up for debate, i don't honestly think its possible but i could be wrong..wait WHAT??? i am never wrong..sorry i don't know what came over me there, but anyways i am now moving on to some different topics like my family for instance see i know that there are a lot of you out there that claim i have the craziest/weirdest family of all but YOU DON'T KNOW MINE..has your family ever been nicknamed The Redneck Mafia? i doubt it, that nickname was given by my sister's ex boyfriend and more or less probably because of my dad, whom i love very much but don't quite understand half the time, he has made guys get down on their knees and sing to my sister and myself which when it happened to my sister i found it hilarious but when it was me..i wasn't amused. When my family gets together it becomes an interesting sight..people drink and get loud and sometimes we have to make beer runs to wal-mart @ 3 am in our pajamas.
My niece Emily and I are so much alike its scary and when were together we often look at each other and just laugh everyone else around thinks were high, we are very opinionated and we honestly don't give a damn what we say or if we hurt your feelings especially if you are a guy..we love to pick on guys. That is why we both decided to start a blog so we could share with the world what we think.
Oh here is a bit of randomness for you about a place i like to go to occasionally here in Drama-town, this place is a restaurant/bar and sometimes really strange things happen there like for instance once there was this guy who came in with his date one night and they sat at the bar she apparently had a prosthetic leg and he didn't know this until it fell off..AND SHE PUT IT ON THE BAR! yes she did and one of the bartenders got so tickled she didn't know what to do so in a fit of giggles she asked my mother ( yeah i go to the bar with my mom-don't judge its greatness) "how do you tell someone they need to remove their leg from the bar?" well that started a chain reaction of giggles which led to the joke of "and all the kings men and all the kings horses couldn't put humpty dumpty together again." yeah were horrible huh? nah it was greatness too bad you couldn't be there.

Oh and my question to anyone out there reading this even if you don't follow me and you should, have you ever read growing up Cullen? even if you hate twilight (which i don't see how you could.) you should still read this, it is one of the funniest things ever, its just too bad they didn't continue on with it.

Okay well that's enough of my ramblings.
p.p.s: yeah i know you will notice it soon enough but i wanted to point out the obvious yes i follow myself, why? because I'm awesome and i love me! you should take my advice and follow me too. :D
Byes- Missy


  1. lol, Missy you are too funny! Thanks for following my blog :)

  2. funny stuff girl, you should've done this a long time ago.