Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am sick so there for i am moody, and when i say moody i don't mean like it switches from being happy to mad or anything no i am just in a bad mood and i think that i am entitled to be in this mood if i want. i have heard from several people today that just because i don't feel good doesn't mean i should be mean well dumb fuck you know i do not feel good and you also know that i am in a bad mood but yet you just decide to annoy the hell out of me with your idiocy anyway so you get what you get from me be that bitchiness or not and if you don't like it leave me alone until i am feeling better and just to clarify i am not always mean when i am sick its just certain people decide that its okay to annoy me even though they have been warned, in fact i believe that i am pretty much a nice person i just have a tendency to get a little bitchy especially considering since i am sick i want to sit in my bed and watch something on t.v. but can i? no! wanna know why because all i fucking hear about or see anymore is the damn Olympics and its not that i am against the Olympics or anything its just i am not that interested in it, i could care less really and yet i am bombarded by it not only on t.v. but online as well.
this is it for now because i have a headache and i cant i feel like screaming profanities over everything right now!


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