Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day!

I think this holiday is ridiculous and I cant stand the mushiness of it all..people parading around with their significant other with balloons and stupid roses acting like oh I have the love of my life nothing could ever go wrong look how special i am to him..yeah you are special but you shouldn't have to wait until one day in the year for him to make it known he should make it known all the time and not only that but typically guys only get girls these things because they are hoping to get lucky. seriously i don't mean to rain on your parade but its the truth cant handle it oh well..I don't feel this way because i am single and just felt like being mean no I would still feel this way even if i had someone because Valentine's day is just an overrated holiday, I think its moronic to believe in something like this because apparently some 5000 yr old fat baby shot you with an arrow..umm yeah ..oh btw thanks Emmie for the whole 5000 yr old fat baby but anyways love typically happens because two people have the same values, like the same things..etc etc and over time they fall in love, yes i do believe that there are times when you can just instantly fall in love with someone but i dont believe that to be true for everyone and typically it all ends because he cheated on you or you found someone else..i think its all really stupid.

I read your last post but it wouldnt let me comment on it, so i will just add this in as a comment for your last post, sounds like you had a blast tho it also sounds like you were completely jacked up on caffeine and i know what you are like when this happens so yeah i kinda feel sorry for those that were around you...okay not really lol its greatness when you are like that.

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