Sunday, February 28, 2010

it's time to talk about ex's

Yeah i know none of us really want to talk about our ex's but i think maybe we should change that cause sometimes if you think about it, you will i am right now.
See the thing that is making me laugh is the fact that we spent so many days and nights wasted bawling our eyes out wanting to be back with that person or maybe like in my situation wondering if i was doing the right thing breaking up with him and worrying about hurting him, but now its like why? and i don't i am laughing at my ex with his new wife..well if that's what you can call her..i mean first off she looks like a guy, i really want to ask him or her if she really is..would make sense i mean he was always kinda funny now that i think about it..and he did do time in jail and he wasn't the type to stand up for himself..his mother usually did that lol so yeah makes sense that he would be gay..but i cant understand why she would pretend to be a girl..dammit i am going to have to ask them somehow.

Now onto my ex before see i honestly thought i was going to marry him and everything but he was always so indecisive..i guess u could call it and also he just couldnt keep his male organ out of other females organs lol so it ended and yes i was devastated then he started dating this girl i called a horse because she looks like one..again not my fault for being so judge mental of my ex's girlfriends but they did make it impossible not to be..but anyways apparently even tho he loved her he had the same problem with her that he had with me..well see by accident and causing me to feel sorry for her i kinda helped in splitting those two up..oops lol.

And this post would not be complete if i didnt mention my beautiful niece's stupid ex. why? well because she is an absolute winner all around and the boy was stupid enough to let her go. this boy i cant call him a man..theres just no way..he cheated on her after he told her he was going to move to where she was and be with her and he wanted to marry her and all this stuff..then after they broke up he ends up with this thing..who is like 34 i think and he is 18 she has two kids who are probably closer in age to him and then what happened he married her..yes yes he did and lol i must mention the fact that he is just a plain fucking moron..wanna hear some stupidity at its finest? actual quote from his myspace status:"i love my wife and ur kids.." yeah..oh and some of the best stuff ever was when he of all people called my niece white trash i believe..and yet..he is like the fucking king of white trash..and his wife would be the queen..

So anyways my point is girls i know that maybe he was the someone special you always dreamed about and your heart is breaking with every second because he doesnt want you anymore but look at it this way Karma is going to screw him royally and your going to have the last laugh plus if he was stupid enough to walk away from you then be smart enough to let him go and DONT TAKE HIM BACK NO MATTER WHAT! also you will eventually meet the one who you are meant to be with and then you will see why it never worked out with anyone else.

Also this goes for guys too, i know there are plenty of good guys out there and there are plenty of moronic girls but just take this and apply it to your situation.


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