Friday, March 5, 2010

Dearest Whomever,

Dearest Kate Gosselin,
Please stop! I know you have been through a lot but seriously you are not twenty anymore and you have eight kids! really dancing with the stars? oh come on what wont you do to get attention? and the new hair is just not working. Go home and be with your kids!
Sincerely, Missy

Dearest Paparazzi,
Do us all a favor and leave Britney Spears alone! Don't give us close up pictures of her stretch marks no one wants to see that and not even just that but how low can you stoop? she had kids ninety nine percent of women who have kids have these battle wounds in fact most people have stretch marks though you may not be able to see them! And the most horrible thing is that you continue even though her precious little boys asked you to stop with the pictures.Learn when to back off.
Sincerely, Missy

Dearest Lindsey Lohan,
Just stop!
Sincerely, Missy

Dearest Nicole Richie,
You have grown up so much and I just have to say that I for one am proud of you, Congrats on getting engaged! and you have beautiful kids.
Sincerely, Missy

Dearest Kristen Stewart,
I love you! and not just because you were an awesome character in all these Twilight movies but because you are an AWESOME person all around i mean you don't care what other people think about you and you are always in the spotlight i mean you wore a skirt made out of bullets..doesn't get much more awesome than that and the fact that you cuss all the it.
Keep up with the good work.
Love always, Missy

Dearest whomever else,
I know that you may think this was a senseless post and maybe that its stupid but i don't care and i felt like posting it, that's why this is my blog not yours! so whatever i know those people i mentioned will more than likely never see this no matter how many times its on the google search engines..and i know most people dont care but screw it i felt like it.

Yours Truly, Missy.

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  1. Kristen Stewart is cool. Her new movie "The Runaways" looks like it's gonna be good. She really does look like Joan Jett back in the day.